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About Me.


Elisabeth Bukenberger is a German artist based in Berlin.  She specialises in figurative painting, utilising acrylic paints. She started painting early on in her life, finding her true passion for art during her higher-level art course in high school. 

Elisabeth's passion for people is very close to her heart and goes beyond the canvas. After her bachelor's degree in Business Management, she studied Psychology for her master's to further delve into the world of understanding human behaviour and emotion. What makes her work unique is her perspective. It seems her understanding of people strongly influences the way she portrays subjects in her paintings. She sees things in (the representation of) people that others do not. Her attention to detail is what makes her work so special. Shadows, freckles, expression - all are elements, which are portrayed and utilised as instruments in her work. 

The imagery that Elisabeth portrays is strongly influenced by fashion and beauty photography. What fascinates Elisabeth most about fashion and beauty is its role as a means of self-expression. Though this idea is beautiful in theory, fashion and beauty have become one of the most competitive and demanded industries, thereby targeting its consumers through other appeals. 


Since individuals mostly focus their attention on the (display of) the product when consuming fashion and beauty photography, Elisabeth fears that the art behind photography (as a medium) is overlooked by the consumers of fashion and beauty.  The photograph is lost as soon as the product goes out of stock. By means of her work, Elisabeth wants to inspire viewers to redirect their focus and consider the beauty of the subject and the scene. By portraying photographs as acrylic paintings, she wants viewers to appreciate the portrayal of people within fashion and beauty photography and cherish the art of composition. 


While others might see fast-fashion and beauty photography solely as the means to an end, Elisabeth sees a photograph as a form of art. Thus, she has made it her mission to focus on the overlooked and let the viewer reflect on this phenomenon of redirecting one's thoughts and attention. 



International Baccalaureate, Higher Level Art

Frankfurt International School


Bachelor's Degree in Business Management 

King's College London 


Master's Degree in Psychological Sciences 

University College London 

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